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hare presentations au About Nia Nia has been in the media for many years. In the past, Nia featured in programs like pitch deck powerpoint presentation free According to the United Nations Human Rights Council. The Chinese authorities have repeatedly attempted to influence the attitude of the OHCHR towards the case. Deng Yuwen was arrested at the Chongqing airport. He has only one political conviction and was sentenced to eight years in prison for aggravated, but has spent the last five years on medical parole. He left China in 2000 and currently lives in Switzerland. Nia was found guilty of participating in illegal activities. From there, he was forced to agree to "confess" and was then moved to a secret location to be interrogated. By April, Nia was informed of a suicide threat and given a gun to use if he tried to commit suicide. The prison was reportedly in a secluded location with the inmates deprived of Internet access. As a result of his medical parole, Nia is allowed to travel abroad. However, once he leaves the country, he has to report his travel destination to the Chinese authorities and is often denied reentry to China due to a long criminal record. As a condition of his parole, he is not allowed to travel abroad, not allowed to attend public events and is under close surveillance. He is not allowed to visit with family or friends and can be detained without a warrant. The most recent incident in occurs when he was attempting to meet his sister in Singapore, he was detained by local authorities, transferred to local police, and then taken to the Foreign Affairs Bureau where his family could not locate him. For over two years, Nia has been appealing to the Swiss government to grant him asylum. Due to the nature of his offence, he is permanently barred from any immigration to the U. Once he leaves the country, he can only be able to return to China if he receives a special permission. He is unable to study or work in China due to his criminal record and as a result, his mother is forced to work to make a living for the family. If he is detained again, he will face a new prison sentence. Nia is considered a dissident and has been labelled a "public enemy" of the Chinese government. While in custody, Nia has experienced torture, frequent sleep deprivation and a severe lack of medical care. A large number of Chinese human rights lawyers are imprisoned for taking part in



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