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Let's talk about being insecure. When a man or woman says they love you don't question he's or her love that they have for you because of your own insecurities. For me my insecurities comes from me body shaming my self, our my ex husband telling me I'm fat.. I'm a mother of 3 and with each pregnancy my body changed in different ways I never could have imagined. So over time that lead me to have insecurities within my self which affected my sex life. I wasn't comfortable wearing lingerie, I wasn't comfortable being naked, and I sure wasn't comfortable showing my self in the daylight. Now I'm in a new relationship with a guy, and he is like no other guy I dated. He's quick to give me compliments and has no problem touching all my insurance areas. He shows me and tell me daily that he love me for me! But why is this not enough? How come I don't believe him? Is it because I allowed my self to believe that I'm not worthy of love because of my body or is it because all my other relationship was so bad off where I was comfortable letting someone body shame me because I didn't like who I was? so I ask my self.. is this man different from what you ever had? Is this man willing to embrace you in ways that know one has ever embraced you? Is this man not only showing you but telling you he loves you? And the answer to all my questions is yes.. so why not believe him when he says he loves you? Love is an action word ladies and gentlemen. If there willing to tell you, and show you, let them!

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